On June 11th I ordered what I thought was a tent from Camping Station Corp., - Ridgewood, NY.

Their advertisement promised next day shipping. and my account was immediately debited.

I did receive an acknowledgement of order. After six days without a shipping notice or tracking number, I sent an e-mail inquiry as to the disposition of my order. I received no response. the next morning I sent a duplicate e-mail, no response. Later that day I sent an inquiry on their website and still received no response. At the end of the day I called the company and was informed my order had shipped on June 13th and would arrive the following day.

I then posted a poor review for their service for not honoring their next day shipping promise nor sending me a notice or tracking number.

I thought the matter was resolved at that time.

I did receive my order the next day as told, as well as their first response to my three requests for information.

It was not the product they had pictured in the catalog. the "tent" was part of a system that required an additional full canopy complete with poles and a fly in order to set up the tent as pictured. When I called the customer service to inquire about purchasing the rest of the system the customer service representative was rude and began to lambast me for the poor review. I decided to keep the worthless tent and purchase another, rather that deal with such a disreputable company any further.

The ordeal was still not over.

This morning I received a request for mediation from the review sight. Camping Station had sent them a letter full of inaccuracies and flat untruths as to why I had reviewed them poorly and requested that they remove the review. The request went so far as to call me a liar.

I responded to the mediation request then requested Camping Station to return the misrepresented product for a full refund as well as return shipping.

I was offered a 50% refund if I payed return postage.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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